13 Beautiful Places At Lake Constance


Our “Swabian Sea” is the undisputed attraction. We love him, as do the residents.

Before I get “scolded” again: Yes, you from Bavaria also have a part of Lake Constance. Namely in Lindau. We Swabians still stick to the “Swabian Sea”.

You can read here why you should definitely have Lake Constance on your radar as a travel destination. I’ll tell you about the beautiful places on Lake Constance that you can visit during your vacation.

Here you will find our Lake Constance tips and good reasons why you should go on holiday around Lake Constance:

  • Holiday flair guaranteed: Get away from it all (for us from Heilbronn, for example, it can be reached in 2.5 hours), pure relaxation, a priceless value!
  • The largest open-air pool in Germany: natural bathing beaches, and open-air pools, everyone will find the perfect place to jump into the cool water!
  • Leisure, sports, and culture – there is a lot to be found and discovered here!
  • Regional delicacies & good cuisine (e.g. fish, fruit & vegetables, wine)
  • Comfortable shopping & strolling opportunities (e.g. Constance, Friedrichshafen, Lindau, or sometimes Zurich)

There are so many sights at Lake Constance. Here we collect tips and ideas for the most beautiful places on Lake Constance.

Beautiful places and sights at Lake Constance

Again and again, we get messages asking where it is most beautiful on Lake Constance. There’s no question that it’s beautiful everywhere on Lake Constance. Only some places are a bit nicer (but also more touristy because they are so beautiful).

What are the most beautiful places on Lake Constance?

It is beautiful everywhere on Lake Constance, but some places are particularly worth seeing.
• The most beautiful city on Lake Constance is Meersburg
• A place to vacation and relax: Langenargen and Immenstaad
• Constance is the most beautiful city for shopping, eating out, and cultural highlights
• Lindau has the most beautiful old town (and belongs to Bavaria)

The best sights at Lake Constance

When visiting Lake Constance there are a few classics that you should definitely have seen. Lake Constance offers many attractions besides Meersburg, Lake Constance itself, the stilt houses, and Konstanz that you simply have to see! I have listed these top sights for you here. My most beautiful places on Lake Constance:

1. Pile dwellings in Unteruhldingen
2. Meersburg, the most beautiful town on Lake Constance
3. Constance
4. Bregenz (Austria)
5. Mainau flower island (the most romantic place on Lake Constance)
6. Birnau pilgrimage church
7. View of the lake from the Pfänder
8. Boat trip on the Lake Constance
9. Affenberg Salem 
10. Lindau

Essential travel tips in advance

Best travel time:  spring, summer, and autumn (July-August is a very popular month and holiday season)
Our tip for the most beautiful months on Lake Constance:  May to June or September to October.
Bathing season: June to September
Book accommodation:  booking.com or FEWO directly

How many days should you spend at Lake Constance?

Lake Constance is already worth a short weekend break for 2-3 days. Cities like Konstanz, Bregenz, or Lindau as well as the picturesque Meersburg are worth a short trip. If you want to relax, there are no limits at Lake Constance. From one to three weeks everything is fine. There is no boredom because you can do so many activities.

Most beautiful places on Lake Constance

1. Pile dwellings in Unteruhldingen

The stilt houses in Unteruhldingen are an absolute highlight on Lake Constance. Archeology you can touch and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you go to Lake Constance, you should not miss the most important sight. People started bere here

As always, the view of the pile dwellings is grandiose and fascinating. We walk over the wooden walkways and take a look inside the reconstruction of the stilt houses.

This type of building could be traced back to Constance Bay, the Überlinger See, or the Obersee. This pile-dwelling village was recreated in Unteruhldingen. The museum is really worth seeing.

Tip:  Come here early in the morning, after that it is very crowded. Especially on nice days from May to October.

More information on the official website

2. Meersburg

The most beautiful place on Lake Constance is Meersburg. No wonder it’s teeming with tourists during the day. In Meersburg, you should take a closer look at the castle, the new castle, the old town with its alleys, and the promenade. There is nothing more romantic on Lake Constance than looking down at the sunset here in Meersburg.

By the way, Meersburg Castle is the oldest continuously inhabited castle in Germany.

The most famous resident of the castle was probably the poetess Anette von Droste-Hülshoff. She died at the castle in 1848. The name connects me with reading at school, which is part of the compulsory program in Baden-Württemberg.

You should see my best tips for a day in Meersburg in detail here.

Most beautiful place on Lake Constance: Meersburg, panoramic view from the footpath to the New Castle

3. Consistency

Constance (pronounced Konschdanz) on Lake Constance is one of my favorite places on Lake Constance. The city lies on one of the arms of Lake Constance. It is therefore best to take the ferry from Immenstaad and Friedrichtshafen.

In Konstanz, you should see the beach promenade with the sights of Imperia and the old ferry “Konstanz”. In addition, the beautiful part of the old town of Niederburg.

The Minster and its tower with a beautiful view of Lake Constance always attract many tourists.

I always like to stroll through the streets of the old town. Because here you will find small cute cafes, shops, and restaurants.

Especially in summer, when the evenings are warm and the lake shines turquoise in the sun, Constance exudes a little Italian flair. The perfect holiday feeling at Lake Constance!

The highlight in Constance and Kreuzlingen is the Seenachtsfest! The folk festival at the lake always takes place on the 2nd weekend in August.

I have summarized all the highlights and tips for Konstanz here

Constance Port of Lake Constance

4. Bregenz (Austria)

Bregenz is on the eastern shore of the lake. The Austrian city is ideally located as a starting point for visiting the Pfänder and for trips to the Bregenzerwald.

Bregenz has gained worldwide fame primarily through the Bregenz Festival, which takes place annually from June to August. The lake stage and its backdrop are really impressive.

More information about the Bregenz Festival

Another highlight is the monastery in Mehrerau. If you visit, you should not miss the monastery garden, the library, and the garden center.

Excursion tip from Bregenz: The Rappenloch Gorge is one of the largest gorges in Europe. Here you can do a canyon hike. The gorge is near Dornbirn, the largest city in Vorarlberg. Length of the hike: 6 km, about 1-1.5 hours.

The Seebühne Bregenz is one of the top sights on Lake Constance

5. Friedrichshafen

The Zeppelin city on the Obersee offers two highlights: the Dornier and the Zeppelin Museum. Even today, the zeppelin makes its rounds over Friedrichshafen and Lake Constance.

Lake Constance is at its widest in Friedrichshafen: the opposite shore is 14 km away from Romanshorn (Switzerland).

The other view of things – weightless over Lake Constance with the Zeppelin! Unfortunately, this excursion is not cheap.

More info

And if you prefer to stay on the ground, you can also see the “Zeppelin” phenomenon on the ground in the Zeppelin Museum.

More information about the Zeppelin Museum

Other places worth seeing in Friedrichshafen:

  • Boardwalk by the lake. Climb the Mole Tower (free) up the nine floors and enjoy the view.
  • Friedrichshafen Castle. The Duke of Württemberg still lives here today. Unfortunately, you cannot visit the castle from the inside.
  • Castle Church. The baroque church is next to the zeppelin the symbol of Friedrichshafen. It was rebuilt after World War II. I had the honor of celebrating a family wedding here. Very beautiful!
  • Dornier Museum next to the airport in Friedrichshafen. The museum gives an insight into 100 years of aerospace history.
Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance

6. Mainau Island

One of the most popular destinations on Lake Constance is the island of Mainau. You can reach flower island by boat from Meersburg on Lake Constance or by your own vehicle.

If you are a flower fan, then you will like the many flowers and plants in the botanical garden.

More info

Flower island of Mainau on Lake Constance

7. Immenstaad

Immenstaad is ideal for a summer holiday on Lake Constance. Friends of mine own an apartment here. No wonder we come here regularly. The proximity to Friedrichshafen, Pfänder, and Bregenz is ideal. Immenstaad is also really cozy and the lido is idyllic.

You can easily take the ferry from Immenstaad to Constance. Because there you won’t find any parking spaces anyway. From here you can cycle along Lake Constance to Friedrichshafen or Lindau.

A special kind of mini-golf experience is Kaeptn Golf. Designed with great attention to detail – this mini golf course is great fun – not just for children. You can also rent canoes, SUPs, and kayaks here.

More info

Do you like the ultimate high-altitude kick? There is a climbing park in Immenstaad for active people and adventurers, big and small, curious and nature lovers.

More info

8. Pledges (near Bregenz)

The mountains are great and so are the views from above. So take the mountain railway to the Pfänder adventure mountain and enjoy the view of Lake Constance and 240 Alpine peaks. Incidentally, the Pfänder is the most famous vantage point in the region.

More info

9. By ferry from Friedrichshafen to Romanshorn

Lake Constance is the widest between the German and Swiss cities. The distance from Friedrichshafen to Romanshorn is a total of 14 km. The crossing takes about 45 minutes. A great excursion tip in summer temperatures.

The ticket costs €9.80 for adults and €4.90 for children from 6 to 15 years of age. Here you can find the timetable, departure times and prices for the Lake Constance ferry.

By the way, Anita has tips for the Swiss side of Lake Constance.

10. Lindau

The Bavarian Rivera has a name: Lindau on Lake Constance. Yes, Bayern also gets a small piece of Lake Constance. Even a very nice one.

The listed old town with buildings from the Middle Ages is particularly beautiful. In addition to the islands of Mainau and Reichenau, Lindau is the third island on Lake Constance. About 3,500 of the 25,000 inhabitants live here.

Places worth seeing in Lindau:

  • Lindau harbor with the old lighthouse remains of the old town fortifications. Of course also the Bavarian lion at the harbor entrance and the new lighthouse. You can visit this lighthouse. From the top, there is a great view of the Alps on a clear day.
  • Old town hall with a magnificently painted facade in the old town
  • House to Cavazzen on the island. The most beautiful house on Lake Constance? Decide for yourself. Art exhibitions take place inside.
  • The Peterskirche is the oldest church in the city and one of the oldest on Lake Constance.
  • Maximilianstraße with great patrician houses from the 16th and 17th centuries.
Lindau Harbor Lake Constance

11. Ravensburg

Ravensburg is especially known for its games. In the Ravensburger Spieleland, there is fun, action, and adventure for the little ones as well as the big children. The visit is not exactly cheap, but the amusement park is well made for that.

More information about prices and opening hours on the website

12. Shipping on Lake Constance

Enjoying the lake from the water is great. If it gets too crowded on the shore, just get on a boat and enjoy the tranquility and the view. Also, a great alternative to get to Constance. Leave your car, go by boat and save on expensive parking fees in the multi-story car park.

More info

13. Affenberg in Salem

Give the monkey sugar…uhhh popcorn – getting up close and personal with our relatives – we always think it’s a fun experience.

Children in particular love the Affenberg and have a lot of fun visiting it.

More info

The list is constantly being added to.

Lake Constance map

Lake Constance insider tips, do they still exist?

Actually, there are still places and small shops, cafes, or oases of peace everywhere around Lake Constance that not everyone knows yet. However, you should explore and find these on your own.

If you were to ask me for insider tips for Lake Constance…

… I wouldn’t reveal my favorite places, which not everyone knows, here. But great places that not everyone knows or underestimates are the following:

  1. Meersburg Therme : So nice to relax. Best of all: Direct access to the lake and a great sauna with a view.
  2. Weingut Aufricht (also Meersburg): The ambiance, the small culinary delicacies, and the excellent wine make the winery a brilliant place. Everything fits here. We have been here many times and have never been disappointed.
  3. Schleinsee: Would you like to go on a farm holidayThe Hofgut Schleinsee near Kressbronn is idyllically situated on the Schleinsee, although not directly on the lake. If you don’t want to stay in one of the holiday apartments, you should at least stop off at the Hofcaé.
  4. Go shopping at weekly markets. Depending on the region in which you spend your vacation. Fresh fruit and vegetables are available straight from the lake at the weekly markets on Lake Constance. In Langenargen, for example, the weekly market is on a Thursday. Small but nice.

More tips for holidays at Lake Constance

Accommodation: Hotel or holiday apartment on Lake Constance

Friends of mine own a small holiday home in Immenstaad. That is why we are regularly in this region. In addition, part of my family lives in Friedrichshafen, friends studied in Konstanz.

When I was a child we spent holidays in Kressbronn and Langenargen. Ever since I’ve owned my van, I’ve also enjoyed traveling to Lake Constance to relax at RV parks or campsites.

Regional delicacy: Smoked Lake Constance whitefish

A culinary delight not only on-site. The smoked Lake Constance whitefish are a great take-home or souvenir. Can be bought locally from the fishermen, e.g., in Hagnau.

Authentic, fresh, and delicious. Unfortunately, the whitefish population in the lake has extremely strong fluctuations and it is not always guaranteed that you will get one of the delicious little fish. Just walk by right on-site, ring the bell and see what the smoker has to offer.

More info

Our favorite and most delicious tip

Enjoy an ice-cold Seeradler on the shore

… best ice-cold: a sea eagle!

Conclusion on vacation at Lake Constance

Our very personal conclusion – the “Swabian Sea” is always worth a small and spontaneous trip or a large and planned trip. Meersburg is one of the most beautiful places. Of course, the cities of Konstanz, Friedrichshafen, Bregenz, and nearby Zurich are good reasons to do some culture and shopping. There are still secret places on Lake Constance, which I will not reveal here. Explore the region yourself, it’s worth it.

Have fun discovering!

Have you been to Lake Constance yourself and do you have any other tips? What were your most beautiful places on Lake Constance?

What should you have seen at Lake Constance? Our top sights on Lake Constance include atmospheric locations, attractions for the whole family, and natural sights on and by the water.

Which are the most beautiful sights for you? Leave us a comment, we look forward to your feedback.

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