Europa-Park Rust: 5 Ultimate Tips for Visiting the Park


Visiting Europa-Park Rust, Germany’s most popular amusement park

Europa Park and the Rulantica water world attract up to 40,000 visitors every day. Every child knows it because it is the most popular amusement park in Germany and at the same time, one of the most visited parks in all of Europe. The amusement park is not just a highlight for adrenaline junkies, but also a park for the whole family due to its diverse attractions and shows.

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Due to the great popularity and quality of the attractions, Europa Park has been awarded the Golden Ticket Award for the best amusement park in the world six times in a row. That speaks for itself.

So that you don’t have to queue for hours, I’ll give you my top tips for visiting Europa Park: from buying tickets, great accommodation, gastronomy, and information about the most popular attractions.

What is special about Europa-Park?

The park is divided into 16 themed areas (countries of Europe) with over 100 rides. Each country has its specialties – be it replica sights that are also integrated into the attractions, as well as the food stalls.

In each subject area, you will find highlights for small children, teenagers, and adults. Great playgrounds for the little ones or beautifully designed rides and carousels as well as high-speed roller coasters, shows, and white water rides for adults and adrenaline junkies. With really all attractions in all themed areas, great attention is paid to detail.

In between, you will also find green spaces and restaurants so that you can rest.

Here you will find a map of the park with all the themed areas and rides

Theme worlds in Europa-Park: Here Switzerland

General tips for visiting Europa-Park

What is the best time to visit the park?

The shortest average waiting times are on Wednesdays and Fridays. The waiting time at Europa-Park can be quite long on weekends, bridging days, and public holidays.

When is the busiest time at Europapark?

According to statistics, during the summer holidays, Europa-Park is least visited on Sundays and Fridays, while in the height of summer Wednesdays and Thursdays are the peak times for visits.

How much does it cost to stay overnight at Europapark?

At Europapark you can stay in one of the hotels from €92 per person per night.

Amusement park facts and figures

  • The Europa-Park Rust near Freiburg in the Black Forest receives around 5.8 million visitors a year (before Corona 2019)
  • Around 40,000 visitors come to the amusement park every day. In 2023 it will slowly increase by 10,000 visitors a day.
  • The best time to visit is as early as possible: be at the entrance before 9 a.m., because that’s when the amusement park opens its doors. Waiting times at the attractions are then the shortest.
  • Europa-Park’s mascot is Ed Euromaus.
  • Looking back on the opening in 1975, the founder Franz Mack once said: “In the beginning, most people thought we were crazy. We were considered exotic, with no chance of success.” Franz Mack, founder of Europa-Park.”
  • The first themed area only opened in 1982: Italy.
The Eurpapark mascot Ed Euromaus welcomes visitors right at the entrance

Access and parking

  • Europapark Rust is located in the border triangle of Germany, France, and Switzerland. The journey is via the A5 motorway, signs with Europa-Park are already in front of the Rust exit. Everything is well signposted, you drive straight to Rulantica, the Europa-Park hotels, and the amusement park. Address: Europa-Park-Strasse 2, 77977 Rust.
  • Normal visitor parking costs 7 euros per day. You can also purchase a ticket for the parking lot in advance in the ticket shop.
  • If like us, you come with a mobile home (or caravan ), you have to park on the pitches at Europa-Park Camping. You can reserve the space in advance for a fee. Costs for vans up to 7 meters in length: 15 euros, per person 9 euros/night with water and electricity. View prices here.

Information about the ticket shop

  • Tickets are currently only available online, for example here at Get Your Guide in the ticket shop.
  • View current entry fees on the official Europa-Park website (prices vary depending on the date). A day ticket for adults costs 55 euros in summer.
  • Opening times of the amusement park: In summer and on Halloween daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and in winter from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Recommended: Be at the entrance before opening.

Before your visit: Download the Europapark app and avoid the queues!

Be sure to download the Europa-Park & ​​Rulantica app onto your cell phone before your visit. I thought the app was great because not only is a park map integrated, but it also provides you with a lot of information about the attractions. Regardless of whether it is a current waiting time or requirements (size and minimum age for children).

The best feature is the VirtualLine!

Use your waiting times effectively and use the app to look for the next free time slot in order to have to wait in line. Reserve the free slot via the app and show your QR code at the special entrance to go directly to the attraction. Attention: Book the slots as soon as possible in the morning, because after 11 a.m. there were no free slots available for popular attractions such as the Wodan Timburcoaster. Unfortunately, the queue was long. Nothing for the family with children.

You can use these rides with VirtualLine:

  1. blue fire megacoaster
  2. ARTHUR (Kingdom of the Minimoys)
  3. Euro-Mir
  4. Pirates in Batavia
  5. Eurosat CanCan Coaster
  6. WODAN Timbur coaster

Highlights in Europa Park

More than 100 attractions await you in Europapark. There is something for everyone and every age.

The most popular attractions, where you have to expect the longest waiting times, the subject areas are in brackets:

  • Alpenexpress Enzian (Austria): The first roller coaster at Europa-Park (1984) is still used today with a motor-driven train. Get ready for a fun ride.
  • Arthur – The Ride (Kingdom of the Minimoys): The roller coaster isn’t action-packed, but it’s really well made. The individual seats always turn to the story and you are always where the action is. My nephew loved it, as did I.
  • Blue Fire Megacoaster (Iceland): Don’t be afraid to wait in line and get a front-row seat! If you don’t want too much adrenaline, you can also sit in the middle or in the back. However, the loopings are really an experience!
  • Euro-Mir (Russia): The roller coaster not only runs straight, but the cars rotate around their own axis. If you have trouble backing up, you should sit in a row that is now the wrong way around when boarding. On the descents, you sit in the direction of travel. I find it more comfortable and more beautiful anyway.
  • Pirates in Batavia (Holland): Great-themed boat trip. Entertaining for the whole family. The journey takes only 8 minutes. Pay attention to details.
  • Matterhorn-Blitz Roller Coaster (Switzerland): Entertaining roller coaster that is also great fun for children.
  • Eurosat CanCan Coaster (France): I remembered the roller coaster in the dark from my childhood when the coaster was new. Slowly it goes up in complete darkness, to then race down in complete darkness in the big silver ball.
  • Voletarium: The flying theater in Europa-Park. Flyover highlights like the Matterhorn, and the Drei Zinnen in South Tyrol, or Venice. The flight experience is quite intense and might be a problem for people who get seasick easily. We thought it was pretty awesome!
  • Poseidon water coaster (Greece)
  • WODAN TIMBURCOASTER, the wooden roller coaster (Iceland): Embark on a journey into the world of the Nordic saga. The 100 km/h fast wooden roller coaster races on the approximately 1050-meter-long ride with rapid changes of direction. A great pleasure!
  • Most famous highlight: The roller coaster Silver Star, the most famous amusement of the park: seats for the special experience at the back. Then you accelerate even before you’re at the top. An adrenaline rush that looks more spectacular than it feels at the end.

My 7-year-old nephew was particularly enthusiastic about the Grimm’s fairy tale world, the VoltetariumArthur roller coaster, Fjord Rafting water ride, Pirates of Batavia, Matterhorn Blitz roller coaster, and Limerick Castle with its many slides (he also loved the slides in the Arthur building). Unfortunately, the queue at the wild water rides was far too long. Then on the next visit.

For adrenaline junkies:

  • Silver Star (France): The high-speed roller coaster Silver Star races through the curves at up to 130 km/h. The height of 73 meters is impressive (the highest roller coaster in Germany). Roller coaster professionals say, however, that it is still accessible to everyone. Thrills guaranteed. Even when watching from the parking lot.
  • Eurosat (France): The roller coaster in the silver bullet can be seen from afar.
  • Poseidon (Greece): The mixture of the roller coaster and boat ride attracts everyone.
  • Euro Mir (Russia): For those who like to change direction and spin around their own axis. I would describe it as a faster “wild mouse”.

For children and families:

  • Pirates in Batavia (Holland): The exciting themed ride from 1987 has been completely renovated and reopened in 2020. In eight minutes you glide through the port city of Batavia. This excursion enchants everyone. Use the VirtualLine here.
  • Volentarium: A journey through the world inspired my nephew, who was 7 at the time.
  • Pegasus (Greece): Maybe the first roller coaster experience for children? Because here you can already drive at a height of 1 meter!

The best view in Europa-Park: Euro Tower

Actually, we didn’t want to go to the Euro Tower, because the 7-year-old nephew wanted action. However, like me, he was impressed by the short queue. So we really had a lot of fun on the entertaining ride and probably the best view in Europapark.

5 tips for short waiting times in the amusement park

  1. Visit the park on a Wednesday (according to statistics, the ideal day for Europa-Park)
  2. Start at the end of the park right at 9 am when the park opens. Preferably with the Silver Star roller coaster, the Poseidon wild water ride, the Euromir roller coaster, or the Wodan Timburcoaster.
  3. Use the Europapark app and secure access via VirtualLine. Keep an eye on the waiting times of the other rides thanks to the app.
  4. Visit the amusement park on a cooler day, it’s busier on a nice day.
  5. Ideally, December is a month when little is going on. Alternatively April, May, or June. All months outside of school holidays or bridging days.

Rulantica water world

Europa-Park’s Rulanica water world is a highlight in itself. It inspires everyone and my nephew still says today: That was my best holiday. Rulantica has been delighting visitors since 2019. 12 theme worlds, 37 attractions – including 27 water slides – 10 bars and restaurants as well as 4 shops for fan articles are waiting for you.

Since 2021, Germany’s largest outdoor water playground “Svalgurok” has finally been completed and opened. The Sixtopus Snorri accompanies you thematically through the whole water world.

Highlights at Rulantica:

  • Dugdrob and Vildål, the two slides with a free fall (from 12 years).
  • Stormrok: Caught in the funnel once before lightning fast down
  • The new outdoor Snorri beach for the little ones with water games.
  • Chill out in the Snorri’s Raga flow channel in the tire
  • Wildback Vidstrom (the highlight of the nephew who didn’t want to leave anymore)

Information & tips for visiting the Rulantica water world:

  • Towards evening it became quieter and very empty. You don’t have to queue anymore. Book an evening ticket (5 pm – 10 pm). 5 hours are completely sufficient for children for a first visit. We arrived on Friday, then in Rulantica, and on Saturday for the opening of the Europapark.
  • You should also download the Europapark app to your cell phone to visit Rulantica. There is a useful park map which really helps on the 1st visit. You will also be shown the waiting times.
  • At the entrance, you redeem your ticket for the Rula bracelet. Not only does this allow you to lock your locker and gain access to the water park. It is also your means of payment. You can also use your bracelet to activate the “Action Photo Service” on certain slides.
  • You can only get tickets before your visit to the ticket shop

Theme hotels in Europapark

There are six adventure and themed hotels in Europa-Park itself. You can find an overview of overnight accommodation here. We particularly liked Krønasår – The Museum-Hotel opposite the entrance to Rulantica and of course the tipi tents at Europa-Park Camping ” Camp Resort”.

You can choose from these six themed hotels:

  • Hotel Bell Rock
  • Hotel Krønasår (directly at Rulantica water park)
  • Hotel Santa Isabel
  • Hotel Colosseo
  • Hotel Castillo Alcazar
  • Hotel El Andaluz (cheapest price)

Europa Park Camping – RV park

I myself was here on the mobile home site with the camper. The saloon is for eating, there are fresh rolls in the morning and the sanitary facilities are very clean. I don’t need more because I was in Rulantica with my nephew for one day and in Europa-Park the next. That was ideal and we only slept in the van.

  • Electricity, water, supply, and disposal are available. Great place for visiting Europa-park and Rulantica.

Frequently asked questions about Europa-Park

In which month is the best time to visit Europa-Park?

You have the least waiting time in December. April, May, and June are ideal months when it is already warmer.

When are the waiting times particularly long at Europa-Park?

In the summer months of July, August, and September as well as October (because of Halloween) you have to expect many visitors and long queues. On the one hand, the weather is good and constant, on the other hand, July and August are the summer holidays in the border triangle of Germany, Switzerland, and France.

What day of the week is the best to visit Europapark?

The middle of the week, Wednesday, is the best day for short waiting times in Europa park. However, pay attention to public holidays and bridging days (including those in France and Switzerland). Tip: Choose a cooler day and not one that has ideal weather with lots of suns. Even then it’s not that crowded.

Do you have further questions? Then leave me a comment at the end so I can answer it for you.

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