Meersburg on Lake Constance: 10 Most Beautiful Sights with Tips


The medieval town of Meersburg lies on the shore of Lake Constance. With its picturesque vineyards, it is a popular destination and for me the most beautiful place on Lake Constance. That is why it is very worthwhile to visit this place.

Meersburg consists of a lower town and an upper town. You can easily explore both on foot in one day.

After our stay in Constance, we take the first ferry to Meersburg in the morning. We recommend that to you too. Because the earlier you arrive, the quieter it is in this idyllic place. Word has got around that Meersburg is beautiful with its upper and lower town surrounded by vineyards. The difference in altitude is 40 meters. Numerous bus trips and day tourists come to explore Meersburg.

The ferry crossing takes only 15 minutes. You should enjoy this time because I really love the views of Lake Constance. If visibility is good, you can also see the Swiss Alps.

My top 3 highlights in Meersburg

  1. Pop Coffee Shop (Nothing Like a Good Breakfast)
  2. State winery Meersburg with the panoramic view from the Gutsschänke
  3. View from Meersburg on the old town with half-timbered houses

In the rain and on hot days: The Meersburg Therme

Sights in the upper and lower town

Upper Town and Lower Town

A real city wall belongs to the city of Meersburg. That’s why there is the lower town gate right after the port. If you go through, the back entrance of our hotel is on the right-hand side. 

Initially, Meersburg consisted only of the current upper town and a town wall, which was built in 1260. As the city grew rapidly, most of the lower town area towards the lake was artificially raised. The center formed the market street, which today bears the name Unterstadtstraße. The city wall has always enclosed the lower and upper town, where most of the historical buildings are located.

There were two passages to the castle, the Unterstadttor, and Hintere Seetor opposite. Unfortunately, this no longer exists because it was demolished in 1847 in the course of modernization and the construction of the port.

Unterstadtstrasse in Meersburg on Lake Constance

Breakfast at the Pop coffee shop

After arriving at the port, refreshment is just the thing. Good breakfast is available in the POP coffee shop. Decide between muesli and bagels, or daily changing offers. You are already in the middle of the “events” of the old town and can stroll through the picturesque alleys. Let yourself drift a little.

  • Our choice: bagel with tomato and mozzarella, quiche and homemade lemonade
  • website
Pop coffee shop in Meersburg. Great breakfast or snacks for in between.
Breakfast in Meersburg at the Pop coffee shop: bagel, quiche and coffee.

Meersburg (Old Castle, also called Old Castle)

The oldest inhabited castle in Germany is located in the upper town: the Meersburg. In 30 furnished rooms in the medieval castle, you get an insight into how life must have been in the past. Weapons hall, knight’s hall, stable or castle dungeon. A highlight is the living quarters of Annette von Droste-Hülshoff. Germany’s well-known poetess spent a lot of time here and also wrote 

You can book a guided tour here, or discover everything on your own. The guided tour is included in the entrance fee. During the tour, you will learn interesting historical stories that I found exciting.

Our tip: Directly after the entrance at the gate guard, a staircase leads you up to the castle terrace and Dagobert’s tower. From here you have a great view over Meersburg and Lake Constance. However, you can only visit the tower as part of a tour. A tour is worthwhile because you will get interesting information about the time of the witch hunts.

The mediaeval Old Castle had been owned by the Prince Bishops of Constance since the mid-13th century. The incumbent bishop of Constance moved his residence from Constance to Meersburg when the citizens of the city joined the Reformation. After that, for 200 years, this place was the seat of the bishops.

The Castle (Old Castle)

Meersburg New Palace

Highlights in the New Castle are the majestic staircase, the ballroom, and the fine details in the stucco! Of course, the historic building is also an eye-catcher from the outside. 

Meersburg New Palace, take a guided tour

Meersburg State Winery

If you pass the New Castle and walk on, you will come directly to the State Winery. The whole complex with a garden and views is great. You have a great view of the lower town, Lake Constance and Meersburg from here.

Meersburg State Winery on Lake Constance


Everywhere you have a view of Lake Constance. It is particularly beautiful from the Gutsschänke. In good weather, it reaches as far as the Swiss Alps. Lunch with a view is available here in what I consider to be the most comfortable restaurant in Meersburg, which is right next to the state winery.

In addition to a “quarter” of wine and tarte flambée, you can enjoy the view of Lake Constance. But be careful: It’s best to reserve your seat, the view and the Gutsschanke are popular.

Gutsschänke: Good plain food and a great view of Lake Constance in Meersburg.

Alleys in Meersburg

Stroll through the small streets of the upper and lower town. We enjoy the day exploring the great half-timbered houses, small shops, and cafes. You should particularly visit the old buildings around the market square, Winzergasse, Steigstrasse, Kirchstrasse.

If you walk from the castle in the direction of Steigstraße, you will pass an old mill wheel of the Schlossmühle and the Bärenbrunnen. If you go to the left, you should take a break at Zierart. A small concept store with coffee.

Meersburg thermal baths

By noon at the latest, the small town is literally “flooded” by buses with tourists. So our tip: Go to the Meersburger Therme. vacation from vacation. The sauna landscape with hammam, saunas with a view of the lake and beautiful sunbathing areas let you forget the stress.

Switch off and enjoy what is great here. Do you fancy a sauna?

Then go to the swimming pool or outdoor pool connected to the thermal baths. From here you can also jump into Lake Constance. Depending on the season, a pleasant or cool affair.

Meersburg Therme with lido, ideal for a visit to the sauna in rainy weather. In summer the outdoor pool is right next to it.

More information about the thermal baths

  • Admission to the sauna with the bathing world: day ticket for 24 euros or 3 hours for 18 euros
  • Admission to the bathing world (without sauna): day ticket for 14 euros, 4 hours for 12 euros
  • Admission to the lido: day ticket 4.40 euros (May – September)
  • Opening times: Monday – Thursday: 10 am – 10 pm. Friday and Saturday: 10 a.m. – 11 p.m. and Sunday and public holidays: 9 a.m. – 10 p.m. Opening times & prices

Meersburg Winzerstube

At the end of the day, I recommend going to a restaurant around Schlossplatz or in the 2nd row behind the lake promenade. We ate particularly comfortably and well in the Meersburg Winzerstube. Roast onions with spaetzle and local wine.

There is no more perfect way to end your Lake Constance weekend. What we like: In the evening many day tourists disappear. Everyone else is in the bars right by the lake. We enjoy the hospitality in the second row.


Meersburg is closely linked to the Westphalian poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff. That is why a museum was set up in her honor in the small, free-standing princely house. She bought this house in 1843 and lived in it for some time. 

She herself spoke of the “swallow’s nest” because the tiny house offers you an incredible view of Lake Constance.

More Meersburg tips

Shopping, cafes, and restaurants

Concept store and cafe: Zierart Meersburg

Hotel Tip:

We stayed in the Flair Hotel Zum Schiff in the first row on the lake promenade. The hotel is located just behind the lower town gate. Until 1850, there was a shipping pier and harbor between this and the Hotel Wilder Mann next door.

Book a lake view room. Unfortunately, we had a room with a view of the backyard. Not so bad for one night, because you can also watch the sunset directly on the lake promenade.

Motorhome parking space Ergethen

The relatively quiet parking space is off the road. Supply/disposal and electricity are available. A toilet is open from spring to autumn. It is 1.7 km from the lake, ideal for cycling.

  • Cost: 13 euros per night
  • There are 38 pitches on gravel, it can get crowded in summer
  • The maximum length of stay is 3 days

Excursion tips in the area:

Meersburg map for your mobile phone

So that you can navigate quickly and easily to the sights in Meersburg, we have created this map and entered all the highlights on the city map.

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