Road Trip Baden-Wurttemberg: Black Forest To Lake Constance


The fantastic route via the Black Forest High Road to Lake Constance

Far too often I have been drawn to distant cities and countries in the last few months. For a long time, I have been planning to explore more of Germany, Black Forest and especially Baden-Württemberg. Because this is my home and I really like being at home here.

I was all the happier when Susi (Black Dots White Spots) and “road trip partner in crime” asked me if I could take her and a vintage Porsche 911 Carrera Type 964 Cabriolet from 1992 from the Porsche Museum Stuttgart “our ” would like to explore the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. To be more precise, on a road trip from the Black Forest via the Black Forest High Road to Lake Constance.

Checked the calendar: I’m at home. I quickly type a short message from the South African bush: I’m in!

Porsche 911 Carrera 96 ​​convertible

Baden-Württemberg’s most beautiful places

It really is a privilege to have grown up in this beautiful federal state. We are doing well economically, we have enough big cities and, above all, fantastically beautiful landscapes with many cultural and culinary highlights. If you want to go on holiday here, it’s really difficult to decide on a place.

So my tip: go on a road trip!

Driving in Germany is rarely fun because the autobahns are full. That’s why we avoided it and drove to Lake Constance via the winding Black Forest High Road. Back via the Swabian Alb and the Upper Danube Valley. The starting point of the trip was the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.

I have summarized our highlights and places worth seeing on the way south here! Have fun!

 Map with route

Triberg (Black Forest)

The way from Stuttgart leads us into the Black Forest. Even as a child I was often here because we spent every summer and sometimes also the winter in nearby Tennenbronn. Trips to Triberg to the waterfalls were not uncommon.

Triberg is particularly well-known among tourists for the famous Black Forest cake (which I don’t like at all), cuckoo clocks (every one of us had one hanging at home as children), and the Black Forest Bollenhuts.

Because what would the Black Forest be without these famous red Bollenhuts? Actually, these hats are only found in three valleys and above all in Gutach. This hat makes the whole Black Forest famous because of its eye-catching appearance. You can buy these and the cuckoo clocks in many souvenir shops.

Waterfalls in Triberg in the Black Forest.

But we are particularly interested in the waterfalls. With seven steps and a drop of 163 meters, they are among the highest waterfalls in Germany. Paths and bridges take you to several vantage points with a view of the rushing water of the Gutach.

Signs along the way inform us about plants, animals, and special features of nature. Squirrels keep jumping along the paths. I’m not sure if they are attracted by tourist feeding though… Please don’t feed any animals.

The impressive waterfalls in Triberg in the Black Forest.
  • Tip: Park in town and walk to one of the two entrances to the falls.
  • Eat in Triberg: Wirtshaus Alt-Tryberg. Good middle-class, Swabian. In the summer you can sit outside.

Hornberg in the Gutachtal

We leave Triberg and enjoy the drive over the winding Black Forest roads. Our destination: Hornberg im Gutachtal, just 30 minutes from Triberg. We spend the night in Hotel Schloss Hornberg, which is located on the Schlossberg above the small village.

It’s too fresh for the adjoining beer garden (the weather isn’t kind to us), but inside we dine on delicious Swabian specialties in the evening. Whereby we are no longer in Swabia but in Baden. For outsiders, it doesn’t matter for Baden-Württembergers it’s a big difference (grin).

The next morning we visit the remains of the historic castle ruins, of which only the powder tower and the keep remain today. You can climb the tower, which of course we do.

From up here, we enjoy a great view over the surrounding Black Forest valleys such as the well-known Gutachtal and Hornberg. In the distance, we see the viaduct over which the Black Forest Railway is currently driving. Unfortunately, it’s quite hazy, it’s drizzling lightly.

Did you know that Hornberg is the cradle of Hornberg shooting and Bollenhuts?

If you have more time, you can visit the world’s largest toilet in the Duravit Design Center in Hornberg or the Hornberger watch games. There are also some great hiking trails and mountain bike trails.

View of Hornberg Castle and castle ruins
View from the castle keeps in Hornberg to the Gutachtal, viaduct, and the Black Forest Railway.


On more curvy Black Forest roads we drive past fields, forests, and Black Forest farms. It’s idyllic and just plain fun with the Porsche Cabrio! We have the looks of others on our side, even if there are several cars in the “age” of the museum piece on the road.

Our next destination: Titisee

We quickly drive through the rather crowded and touristy town of Titisee. There are much nicer views and opportunities for lunch on the northern shore.

With the cloudy weather during our visit, a swim in the Titisee, unfortunately, makes no sense. Nevertheless, I advise you to visit the lido in good weather. We recommend the Alemannenhof, if you are looking for a hotel. Not only is it a good place to stay at this superbly located boutique hotel, but the restaurant is also great. Of course, you always have a direct view of Lake Titisee.

Unfortunately, when we visited Titisee, we had a bit of bad luck with the weather.
Titisee Black Forest (Photo by Susi / Black Dots White Spots)

Mid-day snack at the idyllic Windgfällweiher

We decide to continue anyway and visit a small restaurant outside. We like it in Windgfällweiher. Here we eat a typical Swabian snack with meat, cheese, and fresh bread. Take a break here if Titisee is too crowded.

Vesperplatte at Schlehdorns Seehof, Windgfällweiher.
Windgfällweiher in the Black Forest near Titisee.


The next stop is also the largest lake in the Black Forest: the Schluchsee. Here you can relax on the shore with a sandy beach, rent SUPs or boats, and paddle around on the lake. It’s too bad that the weather doesn’t want to play along here either.

We find the rest pavilion on a small promontory, where we sit on the rocks and just stare at the lake. My fingers tickle a little when a larger group with SUPs comes by. Next time then.

Wutach Gorge

As we leave the Schluchsee, we consider making another stop. The Wutach Gorge is one of the most beautiful places in Baden-Württemberg. I was here as a child, and the memories faded.

Here you can decide which of the numerous hiking trails you want to take. We choose the wrong and probably the longest circular route. It’s getting late and 1.5 hours later we decide to turn back. We still have to drive 1.5 hours to Lake Constance.

The most popular photo motif of the Wutach Gorge: a small waterfall that falls like a curtain.


Konstanz (Constance) is beautifully situated on Lake Constance. For us, it has always been the case that short trips to Lake Constance feel like a short vacation in Italy. You feel the Mediterranean, strolling through the streets of the old town and small shops in the old town is fun.

We enjoy the time and shop, stroll and eat our way through Konstanz. Of course, we also walk along the lake promenade past Imperia in the harbor and enjoy the view of the lake. Oh Konstanz, I just like you!

See places worth seeing in Constance with tips here

There will soon be more tips for Konstanz in a separate article.

  • Accommodation:  Ko’Ono Hotel & Restaurant. Fairly new and okay, nothing special. Is outside, but Konstanz can be easily reached by bus.
  • Cafes: The Vogelhaus (connected to the department store), Nikolala – great facility, everyone feels comfortable here (unfortunately we only discovered it after we were full).
  • Shopping: In the old town: chacha store (women): shop with sustainable fashion and accessories.
  • Restaurants:  Constanzer Wirtshaus, Suppengrün (soups), restaurant of the Ko’One Hotel (only worth it if you live out there). Tasty burgers, steaks, and Hawaiian dishes (sorry no poke bowls).


Probably the most touristy place is the picturesque Meersburg. Real masses of bus groups flood the old town during the day, which we reach by ferry from Konstanz.

Here, too, we stroll through the streets of the lower and upper towns. Enjoy the view of Lake Constance including the vineyards from the New Castle and fall in love with Meersburg again and again.

The next morning we enjoy the Meersburg Therme directly on the lake shore (great sauna area, worth a visit not only in bad weather) and slowly say goodbye to this beautiful little town. But not without hopping into Lake Constance, which is ice-cold in the early morning.

View the most beautiful places in Meersburg with tips here

  • Accommodation: Flair Hotel Zum Schiff, right on the lake shore
  • Eat in Meersburg
  • Shopping in Meersburg:
  • Great coffee and great homemade soda and bagels: Pop – the coffee shop
  • Café and concept store:  ornamental
  • Café in the New Palace of Meersburg
    • Dinner in the evening: Meersburger Winzerstuben, “only” in the 2nd location on the lake. But very comfortable. The Swabian food and local wine specialties are great. Alternatively:  Alemannentorkel
  • The most beautiful beer garden with a view of Lake Constance: Gutsschänke in the Meersburg state winery
  • There are still numerous restaurants and wine bars on the lake promenade, around the palace square, and on the surrounding streets.

Pile dwellings in Unteruhldingen

We slowly make our way back to Stuttgart. But not without having visited the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the pile dwellings in Unteruhldingen. I used to be here, but I’ve forgotten a lot of memories.

As always, the view of the pile dwellings is grandiose and fascinating. We walk over the wooden walkways and take a look inside the reconstruction of the stilt houses.

Tips: Come here early in the morning, after that it gets very crowded. Especially on nice days from May to October.


Back over the Swabian Jura (Swabian Alb)

After we leave the stilt houses, our Porsche road trip through beautiful Baden Württemberg is coming to an end. Unfortunately. We make our way back to the Porsche Museum Stuttgart, but not directly.

We decide to drive over the Swabian Alb and make a stop at the Upper Danube Valley with a wonderful view of the Button Maker Rock and also at the Beuron Monastery.

The most striking castle in Baden-Württemberg is also on our way: Hohenzollern Castle. That’s why we can’t avoid stopping here with the great Porsche 911 Cabrio. Here, too, everyone else’s eyes are on the car. “I know this car from Porsche Museum” – knows an English tourist. That’s right, but unfortunately, nobody can rent this gem that easily.


So we drive the last few meters down into the underground car park of the Porsche Museum Stuttgart, where our vintage Porsche 911 Carrera Type 964 Cabrio from 1992 can join others of its kind.

Thank you dear Porsche Museum and Visit Baden Württemberg for the opportunity to “rediscover” our federal state with this brilliant car! Too bad we had to give it back.

Saying goodbye to the Porsche is difficult.

More tips and information

Travel guide for Baden Wurttemberg

Unfortunately, there are no current travel guides for Baden Württemberg. That’s why I recommend the Marco Polo Schwarzwald and Marco Polo Bodensee. For Lake Constance, I also like the Baedecker travel guide and the 111 must-see places on Lake Constance.

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