Tauber Valley: Highlights of My Road Trip


The Panoramaweg runs between Creglingen and Freudenberg am Main on the northeastern corner of Baden-Württemberg. I’ll also show you the highlights of the region from castle ruins and palaces to beautiful half-timbered old towns. With the towns of Weikersheim, Bad Mergentheim, Tauberbischofsheim, Creglingen, and Lauda-Königshofen, the route connects the “Lovely Tauber Valley” and the northern part of the “Romantic Road”.

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You can tackle the route by bike or on foot in several stages. Or like me with the mobile home. Because in the Tauber Valley you will find mobile home parking spaces or campsites everywhere.

My route through the Tauber Valley

For this route I traveled 3 days with my mobile home (the campervan), ideally, you take 5 – 7 days and pack your bike. Unfortunately, the weather was not so good for me, so I gave up cycling. If you have less time, then pick out your personal highlights.

  • Day 1: Creglingen – Laudenbach – Weikersheim – Wildpark Bad Mergentheim – Bad Mergentheim (overnight parking space at the thermal baths)
  • Day 2: Bad Mergentheim – Lauda-Königshofen – Tauberbischofsheim (parking space at the outdoor pool, free)
  • Day 3: Tauberbischofsheim – Gamburg Castle – Bronnbach Monastery – Wertheim (campsite AZUR Camping directly on the Main)
  • Day 4: Wertheim (continue to Freudenberg or return)

Note: You can of course start from Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Since I was here in cooperation with Baden-Württemberg Tourismus, the Franconian city is not included in this report. However, you will find all the information you need as a camper in the report for the sights in Rothenburg

Route through the Tauber Valley from Creglingen to Wertheim

Creglingen on the Tauber

Have you heard of Creglingen? No? You should change that quickly because we start the road trip on the Romantic Road in the neighboring municipality of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Creglingen was once allowed to fortify itself in the late Middle Ages, following the example of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Three former defenses and watchtowers (LindleinturmSchlosserturm, and digester tower) are still in the old town. You can rent two of them as holiday apartments today.

The Schlosserturm in Creglingen also serves as a holiday home

Must visit places include the carved altar of Mary by TIlman Riemenschneider in the Herrgottskirche in Herrgottstal, a few minutes’ drive outside of town.

The altar of Mary by Tllman Riemenschneider in the Herrgottskirche in Herrgottstal is world famous.

In the Romschlössle you not only have the most beautiful view of the half-timbered houses, but you will also find a great rose garden.

small museum worth seeing is housed in the Lindlein Tower .

In case you are wondering how these residential buildings got on a watchtower: In 1795 the owner of the Lindleinturm had a half-timbered house placed on a stone base. Thus the tower became habitable. In this tower, there are two heated rooms, a kitchen, and a toilet. Since 1999, the originally furnished tower has been open to everyone as a museum. Note: A maximum of 6 people can visit the tower at the same time. If you come in a larger group, you have to plan time. A visit without a guide is not possible.

A museum is housed in the Lindlein Tower in Creglingen (Taubertal)

There is also the Thimble Museum (opposite the Herrgottskirche) and the Jewish Museum in the old town, which was unfortunately closed on the day I visited.

Tip: Do you know snowballs? Tourists mainly buy them in Rothenburg. But you can also buy this delicacy from the baker in Creglingen. In addition, snowballs are a traditional regional pastry, typically spherical in shape and dusted with powdered sugar.

More tips for Creglingen:

  • Entry fee at Herrgottskirche: 3.50 euros, opening times daily except Mondays from 11 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., website Herrgottskirche
  • Exceptional overnight stay in one of the two defense towers: Bookable under Tauberlodge.
  • You will find a parking space for your car or mobile home directly at the Schlosserturm (Kieselallee).
  • Campsite: Camping Romantic Road, about 4 km outside at the Münstersee. I continued on the same day.

Stopover: Laudenbach Castle

On the way to Weikersheim, you should choose the route via LaudenbachBecause here you will find Laudenbach Castle, which, like the defense towers, was built from a half-timbered house on a stone base. Unfortunately, due to Corona, the castle was still closed when I visited.

Laudenbach Castle near Weikersheim


Weikersheim is called “Franconian Versailles” or “Pearl on the Romantic Wine Route”. First and foremost because of the beautiful Weikersheim Castle with its orangery and castle garden, which is directly adjacent to the historic town center on the market square. Here you will find the Tauberland village museum, the market fountain, the town church, and half-timbered houses worth seeing.

City church in Weikersheim (Taubertal)

The city museum at the Gänsturm gives you an insight into the history of the residential city. The dome of the tower, which was half destroyed by shells in World War II, offers a wonderful view over the old town to the vineyards and the lovely Tauber Valley. The Gothic town gate tower was only rebuilt in 2003 thanks to the commitment of the residents.

I really liked the narrow streets in Weikersheim. Especially when you come from the parking lot and go through the narrow archway and suddenly find yourself in the middle of the half-timbered old town. Wonderful!

The archway to the old town, Weikersheim

Take your time to explore Weikersheim Palace with its palace gardens, ending at the Orangery. Furthermore, it is considered the most beautiful of the castles in Hohenlohe.

Castle garden Weikersheim with orangery

Sights in Weikersheim:

  • Weikersheim Castle
  • The historic old town with the old town hall and the town church
  • City Museum at the Gänsturm
  • Karlsberg
  • planet path

Further information for Weikersheim:

  • Opening hours and tickets for Weikersheim Castle, entry: 5 euros
  • View information about the Tauberland Village Museum on the website, entry: 3 euros for adults
  • Parking: ” Holy Wöhr ” free parking spaces for cars and free parking spaces for campers are available in the ” Tauberwiesen ” parking lot.
  • Food & Drink: The Bastion, a great beer garden, and good food. Klosterscheuer: Besenwirtschaft, which is typical for our wine region.

Bad Mergentheim

Bad Mergentheim is one of the largest spa and health resorts in Baden-Württemberg. The spa town with healing springs and the headquarters of the Teutonic Order is the next place on my road trip through the Tauber Valley. Worth seeing sight of Bad Mergentheim is the residential palace with the Teutonic Order Museum. Here you can spend a long time reading the history of the Deutschorden.


The Berwart stairs are particularly worth seeing, an absolute eye-catcher, which almost gave me a stiff neck.

Immediately after entering, you should look out for a red cross on the floor of the stairs. Stand on it and look up! The spiral staircase by Blasius Berwart with an open spindle dates back to 1574. It is still considered a masterpiece of German stonemasonry.

Berwart staircase in the Bad Mergentheim Residential palace.

If you’re lucky, the Castle Church on the site is open. If not – like on my visit – you can look into the church from the museum. The sight almost knocked me out. My jaw really dropped. The beautifully painted ceiling of the Castle Church reminded me so much of that of the Sistine Chapel in Rome – wow! When the organ player suddenly started rehearsing inside, I got goosebumps.

What you need to know about your visit:

Other places you should visit are the historic market square with magnificent townhouses and half-timbered houses as well as the twin houses on the market square from 1780. If you leave the market square via Mühlwehrstrasse, you will find more half-timbered houses.

The spa and castle park is pretty nice for relaxing. Especially the Japanese pavilions and bridges have found a fan in me (I love Japan).


Bad Mergentheim Wildlife Park

Just outside the city, the wildlife park with Europe’s largest pack of wolves, 2 brown bearsvultures, and more than 70 species of wild animals is particularly impressive. Not only children get big eyes here. I could have lingered for hours just in front of the three arctic foxes.

Note: Find out when the animal feedings are on the website. I happened to be with the bears when suddenly apples flew over the enclosure and 15 minutes later, the wolves pack got their food. So I could see all the wolves.

Information about the wildlife park:


In bad weather: Solymar Therme

If you are totally unlucky with the weather, there is the Solymar Therme. So you can easily bridge the bad weather. The bathing and wellness park is also ideal for the whole family.

More information and tips:

  • Motorhome parking space at the Solymar Therme (7.90 euros/day), at the wildlife park car parking, is probably tolerated, there are always a few mobile homes here
  • Eating and drinking: La Flamme (tarte flambée), café in the twin building on the left, Café Europa on the market square


The small Tauber- Franconian wine town, divided into 12 districts, is a carnival stronghold surrounded by vineyards. You can also explore Lauda-Königshofen in half a day. There you must visit the half-timbered houseswine taverns, the upper gate from 1496, and the remains of the city wall. Here you will also find an image of what Lauda-Königshofen once looked like on the facade of a Greek restaurant. For fools, the Fountain of Fools is also worth seeing.

Note: There is a parking lot/RV park at the entrance of the place which I used. However, I would advise against staying here. Because the location on the street promises no rest at night.



In Tauberbischofsheim you will also find a beautiful historic old town with half-timbered houses. Furthermore, explore the narrow streets around the market square, visit the Kurmainz Castle with the Tauber-Franconian Landscape Museum and discover the Madonna from Tauberbischofsheim by Tilman Riemenschneider at the Castle Square fountain.

You can climb the city’s landmark (the 35 m high Turmersturm) over 119 steps and then stroll in the nearby pedestrian zone.

On the market square, you will find particularly historic buildings such as the Old Post Office (1602), Stern Pharmacy (1670), Franck HouseRincker House (1678), Mackert House (1744) and the Rehe-Hof (1702). Listen to the carillon at the neo-Gothic town hall.

If the Olympic flag flies on the tower, a note: Tauberbischofsheim is a federal state training center as well as an Olympic base for fencing. Furthermore, IOC President Thomas Bach grew up in Tauberbischofsheim.

You can visit the Distelhäuser Brewery and book a guided tour. With a beer garden in the brewery, you can eat well. We even brewed our own beer with a former employer. Pretty cool!

You can stay overnight at the brewery for free with the Landvergnügen parking space guide. Since the parking spaces for mobile homes are far too short and are also on a slope, I advise against it.

More information for Tauberbischofsheim

  • Kurmainzisches Schloss: Entry for adults: 3 euros, children up to 10 years are free. Opening times: Tuesday to Saturday: 2 pm – 4.30 pm; Sunday, public holidays: 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. – 4.30 p.m. You can only get to the tower as part of a guided tour.
  • RV park: free of charge at the Frankenbad outdoor pool
  • Eating and drinking: Distelhäuser Brauhaus, TauBar Burger & More

Stopover: Gamburg Castle

Thanks to the tips from you dear readers, I came across Gamburg Castle. It is located above the Tauber in the small village of Gamburg. The official name is Burg und Burgpark Gamburg. The buildings are privately owned, so they can only be explored during opening hours or by prior appointment.

  • Information about visiting the website
  • Open every Saturday, Sunday, and public holiday from 2 pm to 6.30 pm (April to the 1st weekend in November)
  • Coffee and cake are available in the castle café

Stopover: Bronnbach Monastery

Before you continue to Wertheim, you should make another stop at Bronnbach Monastery. I found the monastery super beautiful and can absolutely recommend this stop!



At the end of the road trip, the highlight awaits the medieval residential town of Wertheim with the castle, which towers imposingly over the old town between the Main and Tauber. It is not without reason that Wertheim Castle is the most popular destination between the Odenwald and Spessart.

The Steinburg is one of the largest and oldest castles in Baden-Württemberg. Make the short but steep climb to the top. In addition, for 2 euros you can visit the castle ruins and climb the 25 meters high keep. The view from the top is fantastic.

My tip: go up in the evening, because you can visit the ruins until sunset. Then you should stop in the beer garden of the castle. We had a really delicious meal here with a great view.

Other sights include the old town, which is best explored on foot without a plan. It’s not big, it’s impossible to get lost. Visit the Kilianskapelle (closed on my current visit due to restoration work), the Spire Tower, the Hofgartenschlösschen, and the County Museum in the old town hall.

Go in search of the Blue House, an absolute rarity among half-timbered houses.

You should look for house number 6 on the market square. One of the oldest, narrowest, and most beautiful half-timbered houses in Wertheim and all of Franconia.

More information for Wertheim

  • In our region, Wertheim is best known for the outlet shopping in Wertheim Village.
  • You can visit Wertheim Castle until sunset. There is a machine at the entrance into which you simply insert 2 euros and then go inside through a turnstile.
  • View information and opening times for the Grafschatsmuseum on the website
  • Overnight: If you don’t own a mobile home, you can spend the night in great wine barrels, a nature lodge (brand new), or a bike lodge right on the banks of the Main. I highly recommend this place.

Further information

This region is characterized by the approximately 100 km long cycle path along the Tauber. Also, you can find information about the “Lovely Tauber Valley” cycle path on the official tourism website. You should book accommodation along the bike tour well in advance (it was recommended to me).

Are you interested in the Main-Tauber-Kreis and the lovely Taubertal?

Do you have any questions or additional tips? Then leave a comment at the end of the article. I am happy if you like the article.

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