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Stuttgart is known for its cars. After all, Daimler and Porsche have their headquarters in the state capital. The Königsstraße (Königsstrasse) is also one of the top shopping streets, at 1.2 km the longest pedestrian zone in Germany, and well-known everywhere. The Mercedes-Benz Museum and the Porsche Museum are also attracting more and more tourists to the Swabian metropolis. But where are the insider tips? Find out in this article by Travel Diaries.

Carina tells us her insider tips for Stuttgart

15 insider tips for Stuttgart from Carina. I hope you won’t find them in any travel guide!

A semester abroad in Australia let Carina experience the true dimensions of wanderlust and that’s where it all started with her love of running. Several kilometers traveled and walked later, there is no end to the wanderlust in sight.


That’s why Carina tells us her insider tips for Stuttgart:

1. A spot in Stuttgart that cannot be found in any travel guide.

I love going to Eugensplatz to escape the hustle and bustle of the city center and switch off. Because of the basin, Stuttgart has some of those quiet, half-height vantage points that offer the best views of the city!

You have the best view of Stuttgart from Eugensplatz

2. Stuttgart smells like…

…car exhaust. I wouldn’t say that there are more cars driving around in Stuttgart than in other big cities, but it still lives up to its reputation as the Autostadt with the highest fine dust pollution in Germany.

3. A real Stuttgarter can be recognized by…

…his broad Swabian dialect! It’s hard to miss!

4. The best way to get from A to B in Stuttgart is to…

… the underground and to the surrounding area (Esslingen, Tübingen, or the Cannstatter Wasen) with the S-Bahn. For all daring people who want to make their way through cars and crowds in an adventurous way, I would recommend the bike!

5. The fastest and cheapest way to get from the airport to the city center is:

Quite simply: Within 30 minutes you can be in the city with the S-Bahn for the sensational price of 3.70 euros – it couldn’t be faster or cheaper!

6. My typical Stuttgart (Swabian) favorite dish is?

Since I haven’t been able to get used to Maultaschen and lentils so far: Käsespätzle (German Cheese Spaetzle)! Best in the Weinstube Fröhlich (reservation!) or cheaper and also excellent in the Platzhirsch at the Hans im Glück fountain.

The best cheese spaetzle: top dog at the Hans im Glück fountain.

7. Burgers, teas, and Turkish food you can get:

  1. Burger: at Triple B – Beef Burger Brothers in Zuffenhausen!
  2. Turkish appetizer platter: at Sultan Saray
  3. Green tea selection in Stuttgart, if not quite in southern Germany: The English Tearoom
The best burger in Stuttgart: at Triple B – Beef Burger Brothers in Zuffenhausen!
The best Turkish appetizer platter: at Sultan Saray

8. Where is your favorite place to chill?

In the summer, I love barbecuing with my friends on the Karlshöhe as the sun sets! And in winter I like to curl up in the Lumen with a piece of cake in one of the vintage armchairs.

9. Where can I best spend a night in Stuttgart?

Beginning in the Galao at Marienplatz (Bulmers Cider!) through the ground floor on Theodor
-Heuss-Strasse (super Moscow Mule) to the Hans im Glück fountain (Mata Hari and everything around) the night can only get fun!

10. The best bargains can a tourist find in Stuttgart?

Every Saturday at the flea market at Karlsplatz – a must for vintage lovers!

11. 5 things that belong in every suitcase when I travel to Stuttgart:

  1. Good footwear to conquer the Stäffele
  2. Patience: If you dare to cross the Königsstrasse
  3. Money, if you are then drawn under the spell of the consumer mania in the city center
  4. A firm stomach for all the spaetzle, Maultaschen, string sausages, lentils, potato salad, pretzels, …
  5. Earplugs: For everyone who finds Swabian to be too much!

12. The best moment in Stuttgart was?

After a night of dancing, watch with tired eyes as the morning sun slowly rises over the rim of the cauldron and fills the valley with golden light. You let the night be night and the day by day and just be completely in the moment.

13. That only exists in Stuttgart

The oldest television tower in the world!

14. Must-sees in Stuttgart:

  1. The Mercedes Benz Museum: Also highly recommended for car muffles, as it conveys German history in a very vivid way!
  2. The Killesberg Park: find the llamas!
  3. And make sure to take the historic funicular up to the TV tower!

15. Every tourist in Stuttgart is guaranteed to buy…

Since you can get Ritter Sport chocolate everywhere and miniature 911s are not for everyone… how about a spaetzle shaker!

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