Top Spots for Graffiti and Street Art in Berlin


Is Berlin the Street Art Capital of the World?

If you’re a fan of street art, Berlin is a must-see destination. The city boasts an impressive art scene with graffiti, murals, stickers, and sculptures adorning nearly every wall. Joining a street art tour with The Hidden Path is the perfect way to explore the city’s hidden gems and learn more about the artists behind the works. Led by expert guide Paul, who grew up in Prenzlauer Berg, these tours are one of the most popular in the world and offer a unique chance to delve deeper into Berlin’s rich cultural history.

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Exploring the Hidden Paths of Berlin

As a street art enthusiast, I was excited to explore the vibrant scene in Berlin during my visit. I also contacted Paul from the Hidden Path, a top-rated street art tour company in the city. Paul is a true expert on the district and the entire street art scene in Berlin, making him the perfect guide to show me the hidden gems of the city.

Berlin’s Street Art Scene

If you’ve ever been to Berlin, you know that the city is teeming with incredible street art. Neighborhoods like Prenzlauer Berg, Mitte, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, and Neukölln are particularly known for their public art forms. Furthermore, the city is home to a wide range of street art, including graffiti, political statements, and murals. Every time I visit Berlin, I am constantly amazed by the talent and creativity of the local street artists and the new works of art I discover.

The Hidden Path: A Tour to Remember

If you’re a fan of street art and want to explore the vibrant art scene in Berlin, you won’t want to miss the chance to join a tour with The Hidden Path. The company also offers a unique opportunity to discover the city’s hidden gems and learn more about the artists behind the impressive works of graffiti, murals, stickers, and sculptures. With rave reviews from Susi at Black Dots White Spots, you can also trust that this will be a tour to remember. Don’t miss out on this exciting chance to explore the city’s creative side – book your tour with The Hidden Path today!

Exploring Berlin’s Street Art Scene with an Expert Guide

If you’re looking to truly immerse yourself in Berlin’s vibrant street art scene, a guided tour is the way to go. Paul from The Hidden Path offers a professional and expert perspective that takes you beyond the surface level and shows you the city in a whole new light.

On my tour with Paul, I not only saw some incredible street art but also learned about the history and origins of graffiti in Berlin. Paul shared his personal journey of becoming a tour guide and took me to places I had visited before but now had new meaning thanks to his knowledge and perspective. We ventured into unknown backyards and familiar streets, gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of the city’s culture and history.

The entrance area of ​​the Kunsthalle Platoon in Prenzlauer Berg

The Intricacies of Street Art

If you venture into the hidden backyards of Berlin, you’ll discover house walls adorned with art created using a wide range of techniques. From fire extinguishers to spray cans to rollers of paint, anything goes when it comes to creating these stunning works of art. On my tour, I learned that the process of creating street art is much more intricate than I had previously thought. Paul showed me sketches on one wall and the finished product on another, explaining that many artists plan out their designs beforehand. He also walked me through the various graffiti writing styles and introduced me to the different crews, explaining the unspoken rules of the scene.

The backyard of the Platoon art gallery in Prenzlauer Berg

Fire Extinguisher as an Art Tool

One technique that I never would have considered as art before my tour with Paul was the use of a fire extinguisher to create oversized lettering at great heights. During our tour, Paul showed me an interview with Berlin’s JUST that explains this process in more detail. ARTE aired a series called “5 Minutes” that is worth checking out.

Lettering with the fire extinguisher does not please everyone.

The Roll-Up Method

Another technique that is often used by street artists is the roll-up method, where messages are painted onto walls using a paint roller attached to a telescopic rod. Furthermore, this allows the artists to reach high up on the walls and create large, bold letters.

As we left the backyard, Paul also pointed out an artwork by El Mac that was created in collaboration with Kofie back in 2010. He showed me a video on Vimeo that documents the making of the piece, giving me a behind-the-scenes look at the process. In Addition, it was interesting to see the different techniques and tools that the artists used to create such a stunning work of art.

El Mac and Kofie are responsible for this artwork

Graffiti vs Street Art

Paul also took the time to explain the differences between graffiti and street art. Graffiti is a way of communicating using words that may not be understood by outsiders, while street art often conveys a clear message that can be understood by anyone. While graffiti is often focused on lettering, street art can take many forms such as posters, sculptures, and stickers. Graffiti is usually created directly on-site using spray cans, while street art often uses stencils, printouts, or other materials that are prepared beforehand and then attached on-site.

The Hidden Path Tour: A Must-Do Experience

As we continued our tour, Paul showed me hidden backyards that I never would have discovered on my own. In Addition, it was clear that he had a deep understanding and appreciation for the street art scene. He was also passionate about sharing it with others. If you want to go beyond the typical tourist attractions and discover a different side of Berlin, a street art tour with The Hidden Path is a must-do experience.

The Laughing Men of Prost

Throughout the city, you may notice the laughing men from Prost, a common sight in Berlin. Artists created these playful figures which can be found all over the city. They also have gained popularity in the music industry, with rapper Emus Primus releasing a tribute song. This artist has been able to become an icon of the street art culture. In addition, the artist has a talent for capturing the attention and imagination of the public.


The CBS Crew: Masters of Graffiti

The CBS crew is one of the oldest and most well-known graffiti crews in the city, leaving their mark on Berlin’s streets with their distinctive style. Even if you aren’t familiar with graffiti, a street art tour with Paul will help you decipher it. Paul even showed me the oldest graffiti created by the CBS crew that still exists in the city, a rare feat considering most street art doesn’t survive more than 30 years. It was also interesting to see the evolution of graffiti and how it has impacted the city’s landscape over the years.

Old graffiti in Berlin from CBS
Berlin Street Art by CBS – Angst Graffiti

The Yellow Fists: A Symbol of Political Activism

Yellow Fists are prominent in the street art scene of Berlin and you can find them on walls throughout the city. These symbols, often but not always yellow, convey a message of political activism. As you walk through the city, you’ll likely come across many of these fists, each with its own unique style and color scheme.

Faust CBS Crew Street Art Berlin

Thomas Baumgarten: Bananas on Wall

As you walk by a gallery, you may notice a banana on the wall. This banana was created by Thomas Baumgarten and is often used as a symbol of approval for galleries and artworks that are particularly noteworthy. Only those in the know are aware of this hidden meaning, but now you are in the know as well! Furthermore, it’s interesting to see the various codes and symbols that people use within the street art community to communicate messages and share appreciation for different works.

Thomas Baumgarten awards art galleries worth seeing with bananas!
Thomas Baumgarten: Bananas on galleries mean: good quality!

ROA’s Mural on Schönhauser Allee

ROA is a well-known artist who creates large-scale murals that you can find all over the world. In Berlin, you can find two of his works at the Schönhauser Alle and Görlitz underground stations in Prenzlauer Berg. These murals are a testament to ROA’s talent and the impact that street art can have on the urban landscape. If you’re a fan of public art, be sure to keep an eye out for ROA’s work in Berlin.

ROA Rats Mural Schönhauser Allee Berlin

JR’s “The Wrinkles of the City – Berlin”

In 2012, the French artist JR brought beauty to the streets of Berlin with his project “The Wrinkles of the City – Berlin”, using paste-ups of large photographs to highlight the wrinkles of the city’s older residents. Unfortunately, many of these paste-ups have now disappeared, with only a few remaining works visible. You can learn more about this project and view some of the remaining artwork on JR’s official website. It’s a shame to see these temporary public artworks disappear. But it’s a testament to the ephemeral nature of street art.

Street Art by JR in Berlin #wrinklesofthecity

At the end of the street art tour, you will know about the various forms of street art. You will also be surprised by the different techniques and mediums that artists use to create works on walls. A great way to understand the scope and the creativity of street art. With this newfound knowledge, as you explore the city, you will be able to see graffiti and murals everywhere with a new perspective and understand and appreciate the meaning behind the tags and art in a way you hadn’t been able to before. The experience is truly enlightening and will change the way you view street art forever.

Information about the Street Art Tour

  • The Hidden Path Street art tours, led by Paul, last approximately 3 hours and cost 18 euros per person.
  • Paul is dedicated to providing a personalized and intimate experience, so he never takes large groups and ensures that each tour is tailored to the interests and preferences of the participants.
  • It may take some time for Paul to respond to tour inquiries.
  • You can find more information about the tours and contact Paul by visiting The Hidden Path website.
  • If you want to take a tour with Paul, plan and inquire about a tour in advance. As the tours tend to fill up fast.

Other Street Art Artists and Places in Berlin

Paul provides plenty of tips and suggestions on where to find other notable street art throughout Berlin. From the depths of hidden backyards to the busy streets, you can discover new and exciting pieces of street art. You might have otherwise missed, that they are a great way to explore and appreciate the urban art scene. One example is the astronaut from Vitkro Ash on Mariannenstraße in Kreuzberg or another action with a fire extinguisher. It’s a truly enriching and rewarding experience, and you will be grateful for Paul’s guidance in opening your eyes to the vibrant street art scene in Berlin.

The well-known astronaut by Vitkro Ash on Mariannenstraße in Kreuzberg

Hackescher Markt’s Dynamic Street Art Scene

As you explore the streets around Hackescher Markt in Berlin Mitte, you’ll come across a plethora of murals, and graffiti. It’s a great way to admire different styles and messages conveyed by urban artists. The area is known for its dynamic street art scene, and it’s not uncommon to come across works by some of the most renowned street artists in the world. You might even stumble upon a Banksy piece if you’re lucky! With so many works to discover, it’s a must-visit destination for street art enthusiasts.

SOBR’s Colorful and Playful Works

One artist that stood out during my visit was SOBR. Many characterize his works by their use of glitter and confetti, which gives a unique and attractive touch. His message “It’s time to dance” comes to life in his playful and colorful depictions of people dancing. As we walked around the area, we came across similar images of people dancing in other locations. Further emphasizing the artist’s message and style, and making it easily recognizable among other street art. It’s a great way to add some excitement and energy to the streets of Berlin.

The artist SOBR finds “It’s time to dance”

Cranio’s Blue Indians in Berlin

I had the pleasure of coming across the captivating works of Brazilian artist Cranio, during my recent visit to Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood. His striking blue Indians left a lasting impression on me. Imagine my delight when on my most recent trip to Berlin, I discovered that Cranio had left his mark on the city as well, with an array of new masterpieces dotting the streets. One notable location to find Cranio’s art is on the building adjacent to the Holzmarkt. It’s a treat for art lovers and casual admirers alike to come across the artist’s unique and vibrant works.

Blue Indian Punk at Holzmarkt Berlin

Yaam: A Cultural Hotspot with Striking Street Art

Located in the bustling neighborhood of Ostbahnhof in Berlin, Yaam is a vibrant and eclectic destination. Yaam offers a plethora of entertainment options for visitors to enjoy. However, it’s also worth noting that the area is home to some striking street art. One mural that particularly caught my attention is the emotive piece titled “Refugees Welcome.” It sits majestically on the banks of the picturesque Spree River. The mural’s powerful message of inclusivity and empathy is visible from afar, making it a must-see for anyone visiting Ostbahnhof. It serves as a reminder of the ongoing global refugee crisis. Encourage us to reflect on our role in creating a more just and welcoming society.


On the way to the beach bar at Yaam, you can also find other works of art such as the lion by Andreas Preis.

Andreas Preis and his lion at Yaam.

Haus Schwarzenberg: A Haven for Street Art

Another spot in Berlin to find street art is Haus Schwarzenberg, near Hackescher Markt. This backyard is a well-known destination for street art, with many works to admire in a very small space. In addition to the painted walls, you can also find small art houses, galleries, and a bar there.

Curvystraße in Kreuzberg

This area, situated between Schlesischer Strasse, Curvystrasse, and the Spree River, was once a haven for the community. As the city plans to modernize the area with new apartment blocks, the artist BLU made a striking statement. He had individuals cover up his works in black. This powerful act not only brought attention to the displacement of the community but also serves as a reminder of the fleeting nature of street art and the ongoing efforts to preserve public spaces for the public.

Blu Murals Berlin Curvystraße, which the artist painted over himself

The Lido

Located just across the street diagonally, one can find the renowned venue known as the Lido. It also hosts an impressive lineup of concerts and events that never fail to impress. Visitors may come across the roll-up lettering “Fickt Euch Allee” which is prominently visible on the rear building. The meaning of the phrase is crude, and it contains profanity in German. The translation of the phrase is “Fuck you all”.

Curvystrasse Berlin Lido Fuck you all lettering

The East Side Gallery is the longest open-air gallery in the world. Its length is over 1.3 kilometers, you can examine works of art by artists from all over the world. Furthermore, the remains of the wall are to remain as a symbol of the reunification of Germany. If you are in Berlin, you really cannot avoid the East Side Gallery.


Urban Nation Museum

The Urban Nation Museum is a must-visit destination for those who appreciate contemporary urban art. The museum also aims to provide a platform for showcasing a diverse array of artworks. The exhibitions on the outer facade of the museum are regularly rotated, keeping the experience fresh and exciting for visitors.

Urban Nation Museum is located in the neighborhood of Bülowstrasse. The museum is surrounded by an abundance of street art, with countless walls and house entrances adorned. Local and international artists create the artwork. Visitors can also admire many of these works of art from subway line 2, which runs above ground in this area.

If you’re a fan of street art, Urban Nation is a must-see destination. The gallery features a diverse array of works, many of which are visible on the canvas. In addition, a colorful blend of styles and techniques, with contributions from artists like Shepard Fairey, JR, and Lora Zombie.

Discovering New Artists

Best thing about Urban Nation is it provides a platform for a wide range of artists to showcase their work. Furthermore, their website has a comprehensive, alphabetized list of all the artists who have been featured at the gallery. This makes it easy to discover new and exciting artists that you might not have come across before.

If you’re looking for a unique and engaging art experience, make sure to visit the Urban Nation Museum. Whether you’re a seasoned art enthusiast or a casual observer, you’re sure to find something that captures your attention. Head on over to their website and see for yourself the pearls of street art that await you!

More Street Art in Berlin

If you’re a street art enthusiast looking for new places to explore in Berlin, you’ll definitely want to check out these recommendations. Unfortunately, these places might change with time. So it’s always best to check if they are still open and accessible before going there.

Blub in Neukölln

This unique location is an old swimming pool that has been transformed into a street art hotspot. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area.

Hall of Fame Priesterweg

Another spot worth visiting is the Hall of Fame Priesterweg. This destination is a great spot for anyone looking to see some of the best street art in Berlin.

Artpark Tegel

Another great spot is Artpark Tegel. Here you’ll find graffiti high-rise buildings, with artworks stretching up 17 floors. Furthermore, this is definitely a must-visit destination if you’re in the south of Berlin-Tegel.

Street Art Map

Lastly, a great way to discover street art in Berlin is by using a street art map. This will help you navigate through the city to the best street art destinations. With a map, you can also plan your route easily to hit multiple locations and make the most of your time in the city.

Overall, these recommendations are a great starting point for exploring the street art scene in Berlin. With so many different locations and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find something that captures your interest.



What are the notable crews and artists in Berlin’s Street Art Scene?

Some well-known crews and artists in Berlin’s street art scene include the CBS crew, known for their distinctive style, the Yellow Fists, and ROA, known for his large-scale murals.

Why banana symbol is used in Berlin’s street art scene?

The banana symbol is created by Thomas Baumgarten, and it serves as a symbol of approval for noteworthy galleries and artworks.

What is the East Side Gallery?

The East Side Gallery is the longest open-air gallery in the world, featuring over a kilometer of works of art by artists from around the world on the remains of the Berlin Wall.

Where is the Urban Nation Museum located?

The Urban Nation Museum is located in the neighborhood of Bülowstrasse, it’s a must-visit destination for those who appreciate contemporary urban art and graffiti. However, the museum aims to provide a platform for showcasing a diverse array of artworks, with a focus on graffiti and other forms of urban art.

Is it legal to take photographs of street art in Berlin?

It is generally legal to take photographs of street art in Berlin, but it’s always best to be respectful of the artist’s wishes and ask for permission if the artist is around. Also, be aware of any private property laws. Some private property owners may prohibit photography on their property.

What types of techniques and mediums are used in Berlin’s street art?

Some artists use graffiti writing styles with spray cans, while others use rollers of paint or even fire extinguishers. Many artists plan out their designs beforehand, while others create art on the spot.

Are there any restrictions on the locations where street art can be created in Berlin?

It is illegal to create graffiti or street art on public or private property without the permission of the property owner. Also, in some places, there are designated areas where street art is allowed, and street artists need to have a permit to create art there.

Are there any events or festivals dedicated to street art in Berlin?

Yes, there are events and festivals dedicated to street art in Berlin such as the Berlin Mural Fest, Berlin Street Art Fair, and Street Art Berlin Festival.

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